For four months, Flagged for Review examined the surrounding site and its relation to current perceptions of the city of Vancouver through a series of initiated conversations. Every Tuesday until the end of April,  host public games, temporary installations and conversations concerning social and political issues present in Vancouver were at the Burrard Bridge Civic Marina Field House. The residency and workshop series culminated in the production of a series of flags that were installed at the Field House and throughout the city during the last two months of the residency.

For the first two Tuesday night events, participants contemplated and defined the use of flags in the urban setting, with the  aim of highlighting a range of curious and challenging ideas that inform the ways we experience, imagine and historicize the city of Vancouver.

Annexation or Secession?
 A workshop that encourages the temporary creation of imaginary new outposts, enclaves and territories to better understand Vancouver, the values it holds/supports/ignores and the histories it chooses to hide/reveal. This event will take place outdoors (weather permitting).

Projecting Forward
We gather to imagine what the future holds for the city and then create a series of short declarations to project onto the Burrard Bridge that animate our hopes, doubts and dreams for the short and long-term horizons of Vancouver.

The Trouble is… 
Questions, suspicions, and inspirations for art in public spaces to an open conversation on art as troublemaking and troublemaking as art.

Capture the Flag
A giant game of Capture the Flag in Vanier Park!

The Field House Studio Residency Program is generously supported by the Vancouver Park Board and the City of Vancouver.
For this residency we gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the BC Creative Communities Award.


*in collaboration with Justin Langlois
Images taken by Caitlin Carr