Small Arms Building, Mississauga, ON
February 9, 2019
2:00 - 4:00 PM

Throughout 2019, I will be leading a series of collaborative workshops and discussions that trace our collective food memory. We will consider the commemoration of place through walking, discussing and eating together.

One of the aims of the project will be to bring an acute awareness to the multiple communities who are present in Mississauga, and the histories of immigration and colonialism that have shaped the city through food.

Workshop #1: Tracing Mississauga
A mapping session that explores how/when/where/what food is located in Mississauga. Collectively we will trace and plot the different cuisines, shops and homes that compose the food palette of the city.

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Book Launch, Calgary, ON
February 21, 2019

From 2013-14, as members of the artist collective, Broken City Lab, we were artists-in-residence with the City of Calgary’s Watershed+ residency program. Initiated by artists, Sans façon, the Watershed+ program embedded artists and artistic practices within the City of Calgary’s Utilities and Environmental Protection (UEP) department’s core activities, focused specifically on the local regional watershed.

Throughout our experience with Watershed+, the city’s relationship to water (across infrastructural, natural, and affective realms) remained a critical point of reference for the work we made. It became evident early in our residency that so many members of the community have very strong and diverse relationships with with the Bow and Elbow rivers, inspiring us to spend time creating our own relationship with them.

A Record of the Rivers marks the final reflection on our time spent in Calgary. It is a collaborative portrait of the rivers made by Calgarians who sent us their favourite photographs of the Bow and Elbow rivers.

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Lakeshore Arts, Etobicoke, ON
March 6, 2019

Through a series of workshops and conversations, I will be working with a group of South Etobicoke community members to explore the effects of housing insecurity and collaboratively examine possible solutions that are grounded in lived experiences. Neighbourhood Trust seeks to expand the public conversation surrounding affordable housing by focusing on the perspectives of those who are materially impacted by these issues in South Etobicoke. The project aims to create a collective agency that investigates new ways of understanding, articulating, and imagining the neighbourhood we seek to foster.