In Retrospect

Hamilton, ON
Fall, 2019

In Retrospect is a text-based billboard that offers a public observation and declaration. The statement aims to provide a jump off point for questions rooted in the critical and vital consideration of the current and future state of our communities. Where we are we now? What are we hoping to change? What are we willing to fight for?

This piece is presented in collaboration with the McMaster Museum of Art for Hamilton’s annual Supercrawl festival. Learn more about the Supercrawl here.


Where’s the food!?: Collaborative Community Cookbook of Mississauga food gems
City of Mississauga
Fall, 2019

More details soon.

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Doris McCarthy Gallery
Fall, 2019

Back in the fall of 2018 at the Doris McCarthy Gallery, my exhibition It Can Only Be This Place held an open collection of stories, impressions, and speculations of Scarborough that I generated in conversation with local residents. The show resulted in the creation of a series of projects specifically based in the context of Scarborough that you can see here.

One of the projects in the exhibition was entitled Dear Scarborough. It began as a participatory collection of open letters compiled throughout the exhibition that presented an invitation to share experiences, feelings and memories about Scarborough. It resulted in a collection of 200 letters from the public.

Based on the overwhelming amount of letters I received from the community, I’m designing an artist book that will include the letters alongside commissioned short stories by Scarborough based-writers. The book will become a record of the varying positions that represent multiple perspectives on the past, present, and future of this place. My hope is that the book will function as a literary portrait of Scarborough, collectively authored by the community.